Reasons why players have got to begin smurfing

There are plenty of reasons why LoL players might want a smurf, and we’ll be looking at the main reasons here.

Avoiding Account Transfer fees

Many benefits that come with buying smurf aren’t always obvious, for instance; Why would someone want to pick up a smurf in a foreign region?

Well, in this digital period we live in, we all have an online friend or 10 and plenty of them probably live in different countries. You could always choose Riot’s expensive transfer system or you could save yourself some cash.

After a couple of transfers you could have brought a smurf with the money you’ve saved, along with rare skins!

Which segues nicely into the next section of this blog.

League of Legends Smurfs Come With Plenty Of Style Points

We all love to look our best It might be hard to accept it, but reason is because lol players enjoy flaunting what they’ve got Let’s be serious for a second, everyone enjoys the expressions of envy on their teammates faces when they join the game with an excellent skin, and depending on which site you purchase your account from, you may obtain such rare LoL skins as; Black Alistar and PAX Jax.

Not only that, but it’s nice to play with new skins every now and then to spice things up, and it sure beats the dull default skins!

sivir League of Legends

Crushing Scrubs

Every game should be a pleasant experience, but sadly the competitive environment of competitive games means that often times players do not enjoy games, actually it’s likely to have the opposite effect.

Whereas if you were to play using a League of Legends account then you ‘d be able to chill out and play against bronzies who have no idea what they’re meant to be doing.
There’s more though, playing more relaxed games on a lower level smurf means that you can play with friends you otherwise wouldn’t be able to!

Playing With Your Pals

It’s a dumb system; Riots employee’s have made it clear on multiple occasions that they dislike League of Legends smurfs however they have made the decision to make it impossible for people to play with their buddies if they are 2 whole ranked tiers below them.

What I’m saying is; Thanks to odd business decisions, you will not be able to play with many of your low elo friends unless you grab a LoL smurf.

Every now and then you just don’t want to play with a certain friend because, if we’re being candid they are, the worst, utterly and completely awful. Now we don’t mean at everything, they’re likely great people, but when it comes to LoL they feed, or maybe they don’t mind defeat, unlike you who takes it a bit more seriously. Now this puts you in an undesirable situation– Do you avoid your friend like the plague or do you watch your elo drain away?

ghosting your friend has a few obvious disadvantages, how many times can you get away with saying; “Sorry, I missed your invite” before they start to hate you? The answer is not many times at all, but you don’t want to throw away all your ranked advancement which puts you in a position where you have to find another way, and that way is buying a League of Legends smurf.
This will definitely get you some brownie points, after all, you’re helping your friend work their way up the ranked ladder, all while pummeling low ranked players into the ground. You benefit, they benefit you get what you want, they get what they want, You’re both winners!

On the flip side many players prefer to pick up a Diamond account over a Silver one.

Why Everyone Is Purchasing A Diamond Smurf

To start with big advantage that comes with smurfing is the chance to join matches with your Diamond border. Prestige means a lot in League of Legends, and the number one way to achieve this is to buy a Diamond smurf.

To some it can seem ridiculous, but everyone will conduct themselves in a different manner, somewhat like the way friends will act if you own a costly car, you will be perceived to be greater than you might actually be regardless of the fact that you might happen to use daddy’s moolah to come by them, they still move you up the social ladder.

Being Diamond lets you have the opportunity to gain similar advantages, you’ll notice a difference in your buddies and they will try to get you to boost them. Just Do not tell them how you managed to get a Diamond account, if they should ask tell them you worked hard to reach Diamond.

no doubt that all these reasons to pick up a League of Legends account has made you think about buying your own; In conclusion if you desire to show off, join your friends on a different region or help someone out of the pits of elo hell then purchase a LoL account right now!

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